• How relationship anxiety shows up in your body and what nervous system response is hijacking your ability to connect.

  • How to feel safe in your body so that you are not overwhelmed with anxiety and fear every time you have an intrusive thought about your relationship.

  • How to feel empowered in your decision to be with your partner so you can show up in your relationship with confidence and presence!

What's Included

Disclaimer: This course does not diagnose or replace therapy/professional support.


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I honestly feel a lot more grounded. I feel like I am more stable, that I know and trust myself and my decisions better. My partner has told me again and again that he sees my big shifts when it comes to anxiety. I don’t experience drastic mood changes, he can see that I am more grounded.


I discovered that all the answers were stored in my body. I never understood the power of movement like that before. The nervous system response to anxiety is an instinctual response that happens when my body is trying to protect me from a threat.



I had no idea that my body was such a powerful vessel. I have been in talk-therapy for years, but had never done much body work. Chelsea opened my eyes to the beauty and power of my body and how movement can be a guide to healing. I have never felt so free and open-minded. These practices are also ones I can do anytime, by myself.



By moving into my body and being present, I know the love is there and that my partner and I have a wonderful, loving relationship. I now know that anxiety has nothing to do with him - it has to do with subconscious insecurities that my mind is projecting onto him.


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