Safety Within: a self-study course

Move Beyond Fear to Cultivate Connection in Your Relationship




You’re having a wonderful, intimate moment with your partner, cuddling close together. You begin to tingle as you absorb this amazing love.


Then suddenly, you feel a switch. A thought pops into your mind that says “what if I have to leave?”

You’re pulled out of the moment and your body begins to respond with fear. You tense up, pull away, or make an excuse as to why you need to get up.


This makes you obsessively question if this means you’re in the wrong relationship. 

Why would you feel this way when you’re just trying to connect with your amazing partner? 


You then get stuck in the cycle of obsessing, questioning, doubting, and overthinking EVERY aspect of your relationship. 


Your body tenses up, you get a tightness in your chest, and you feel even more disconnected from your partner.


This is the cycle of relationship anxiety and OCD. 


The dance of intrusive thoughts, doubt, and feelings of fear. 


It can feel like the most terrifying thing to live with day in and day out. The one person you care about the most is also the person you’re afraid to get too close to. 

There’s just so much fear you carry around love and commitment. It can feel paralyzing at times.


What you need to do in order to STOP this endless cycle so that you can ENJOY your relationship, is to teach your body that it is SAFE to love. It is safe to commit. It is safe to be vulnerable with your loving partner. You no longer need to pull back in fear by overthinking every. little. thing. 


The Safety Within Course helps you to break out of that cycle of fear in your mind AND body.


Rather than constantly looking outside of yourself to find certainty about these doubts (which is really the mind’s misguided way of trying to find safety), you will learn how to cultivate that safety inside yourself.


The Safety Within Course is not your average course on Relationship Anxiety/OCD.


You’ve probably read SO much about Relationship OCD and have lots of information about it. Which is wonderful. BUT, you don’t feel any differently about your relationship.


That’s because the part of your brain that processes fear, anxiety, and emotion is not the same part of the brain that takes in knowledge and processes information on a cognitive level. 


The part of the brain that processes your anxiety has an intimate connection with your nervous system, which runs all throughout your BODY. So, in order to feel differently and truly break the pattern of relationship anxiety/OCD, you must include your body in your healing!


You could know *all the things* and have intellectual understanding of your relationship anxiety, but that won't change the pattern in your brain and body. What you need are practices and tools that help you implement and integrate this information and awareness on a cellular level. 


This course not only gives you a unique perspective on relationship anxiety/OCD that’s based in the knowledge of the nervous system and the body/mind connection, but it’s filled with body-based tools, meditations, and movement practices that will help you shift how you feel within your nervous system and body so that you can confidently step into your relationship. 


Many of these practices are FUN and CREATIVE! That’s right, healing doesn’t always have to be so heavy and daunting!


You can create new patterns in your body/mind by engaging in creative, fun movement. 


The practices and tools in this course are a one-of-a-kind fusion of dance/movement therapy theory and technique, trauma-informed somatic practices, mindfulness, behavioral neuroscience theory, inner-parts work, meditation, and creative expression. 


This course is divided into 3 core modules that lay the foundation for finding freedom from the tight grip of relationship anxiety/OCD. Each module contains a powerful training along with multiple guided practices to help you implement what you learn into your body/mind. These are tools that you can use every day to help you change the pattern of fear!


You get LIFETIME access to this digital curriculum!


In this course you will learn:

  • How relationship anxiety/OCD shows up in your body and what nervous system response is hijacking your ability to connect.

  • How to feel safe in your body so that you are not overwhelmed with anxiety and fear every time you have an intrusive thought about your relationship.

  • How to feel empowered in your decision to be with your partner so you can show up in your relationship with confidence and presence!

What's Included

  • 19 video trainings

    Divided into 3 modules and 2 BONUS video trainings!


    These guided trainings will help you tune into your body/mind to change patterns of fear and anxiety. Learn how to get out of your head and feel grounded in your body!

  • Worksheets for each module

    These worksheets help you to apply what you’ve learned to yourself and your relationship. There are also assignments to help you implement and integrate what you're learning!

  • Safety Within Facebook Membership

    3 months free access to our private community for you to share your progress, stay on track with the trainings, and cheer others on in their progress. We do weekly check-ins and challenges to help you deepen what you're learning!

Your Total Investment: $349 USD

-or- 2 month payment plan option: $199/mo


** All payments are non-refundable **

Disclaimer: This course does not diagnose or replace therapy/professional support.


10% of all course sales go to The Loveland Foundation to provide free therapy to communities of color. 

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What people have to say about the

Safety Within Course




I honestly feel a lot more grounded. I feel like I am more stable, that I know and trust myself and my decisions better. My partner has told me again and again that he sees my big shifts when it comes to anxiety. I don’t experience drastic mood changes, he can see that I am more grounded.


I discovered that all the answers were stored in my body. I never understood the power of movement like that before. The nervous system response to anxiety is an instinctual response that happens when my body is trying to protect me from a threat.



I had no idea that my body was such a powerful vessel. I have been in talk-therapy for years, but had never done much body work. Chelsea opened my eyes to the beauty and power of my body and how movement can be a guide to healing. I have never felt so free and open-minded. These practices are also ones I can do anytime, by myself.



By moving into my body and being present, I know the love is there and that my partner and I have a wonderful, loving relationship. I now know that anxiety has nothing to do with him - it has to do with subconscious insecurities that my mind is projecting onto him.


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